Corporate Days

As a business we know that when you choose to invest in a corporate charter, whether for marketing, team building or a management retreat, you need to be sure of a return on that investment and a derived value. We are confident that you will get that with us. We have many years experience of providing unique packages for our clients and ensuring that they receive an unforgettable experience which has meant that our clients keep coming back year after year for our corporate packages.

Although we will work with you to tailor the package to your own company's needs, we have four standard packages that we build from:


Regatta Days


Treasure Hunt

The Solent is by far the heart of sailing regattas in the UK, with Cowes in the centre of it hosting the festivities. We are able to offer either entry to the regatta or a uniquely enjoyable platform from which to spectate. We have entry into most of the major and industry specific regattas, including Round the Island and Little Britain.

We also work closely with a number of local hotels and property owners to ensure that your experience can seamlessly transfer off the water. Following a days sailing, we will provide drinks and refreshments aboard before heading off to a local restaurant and then relaxing in an apartment with views over the Solent. We can also provide transfers from the main land in our high powered RIB or transfer from the airport in our Range Rovers.

In addition to the experience, we know that branding is important to your business and we will ensure that your company's logo and branding are flown from our mast and that you and your guests are provided with branded sailing clothing.

The Solent Treasure hunt is the ultimate in team building fun, covering both land and sea and as many different forms of transport as possible, teams will dash across the New Forest, the Solent and onto the Isle of Wight, before relaxing for a prize giving and meal in the evening at the yacht club.

Although we will always tailor the experience to your needs and budget, a sample itinerary includes:
Range Rover driving experience from Southampton, which includes off-roading in the New Forest
GPS orienteering to a hidden smugglers bay to locate awaiting RIBS
High speed RIB ride to anchored yachts before sailing to a secluded creek
Kayaking through reeds to claim the race.

This itinerary could be supplemented with additional activities such as jet skis and tanks or, if a more refined experience is required, we can bring back the nostalgia of the past with vintage cars and a trip on steam engines of the Watercress Line.

Our Solent Treasure Hunt is fully customisable and can include multi day activities so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Experience Days


Water Experience

A sailing experience day is a great way to bring people together and a catamaran provides a better platform that most.  Since the deck always remains level, we are firstly able to appeal to people who may not have previously sailed and secondly, this level platform means that it is easier to move around and interact with the other crew members on board.

Our experience days will involve a mornings sailing in the Solent before a lunch which will be provided on board in a tranquil bay while the catamaran lays at anchor.  In the afternoon we can either provide further sailing experience or a champagne cruise past some the Solent's famous sites while you relax with a drink.

Our Solent Water Experience Days are tailored experiences designed to get your adrenalin pumping.  We start the day with tuition on catamaran racing, learning how to maximise your VMC and rounding marks before we will put the anchor down in a bay.  At this point we will bring the RIB out and provide an afternoon of high speed RIB tours, Stand Up Paddle boards, donutting, sub wings and other great activities.

Due to the large level platform of the catamaran we are able toe ensure that these can be done in all weather with an extensive range of wetsuits available as well as hot showering facilities.